About Us

Oxbridge Innovative Solution (Pt.) Ltd. was launched in Sep 2016 with the aim to bring radical transformations in K-12 schooling in Pakistan. Focusing on harnessing the potential of S.T.E.A.M, EdTech and 21st century learning skills, Oxbridge aims to develop a love for making and doing in young learners. We believe that education should be interactive, engaging, collaborative and fun, and learners should never be bored in their pursuit to knowledge.

Our Vision

Integrating 21st-century learning skills in youth and communities (particularly girls) through innovative technologies, digital solutions, and a determination to address local and global challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the socio-economic conditions of less privileged masses (youth and communities, particularly girls) by empowering them with better education digital tools, and 21st-century learning skills to adapt to global challenges and become active contributors towards socioeconomic development of the country.

Our Focus Areas

Climate-smart Education STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Education Access to Clean Energy Women Empowerment Digitalization Community Development Capacity Building

Our Founders


Co-Founder and CEO

Meet Manzil, a remarkable individual who believes in the power of knowledge and innovation. She is an esteemed alumna of the prestigious University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford in the UK, and the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU) in Pakistan. Her academic journey has equipped her with expertise in various domains including education research, assessment (with a specialization in formative assessment), educational technologies, project management, and teaching. Through her remarkable accomplishments and unwavering dedication, Manzil has revolutionized the educational landscape. By making learning fun, relevant, and applicable to real-world situations, she inspires students to become lifelong learners and paves the way for a future generation of innovators and problem solvers.

Talha Javed

Director and Co-Founder

Talha is an esteemed alumnus of the University of Cambridge, boasting over 20 years of senior management experience. He specializes in the clean energy and climate change sectors, as well as the ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development) domain. With 12 years of C-level experience, Talha brings a wealth of expertise to his roles. Through his exemplary career achievements and strong leadership skills, Talha continues to drive impactful change in the realms of clean energy, climate change, and ICT4D.

Our Team

Iqra Tanveer

STEM Trainer

Iqra, an electrical engineer, embodies a rare combination of softness, kindness, and technical expertise. With a solid grasp on circuits and electrical systems, she navigates the complexities of her field with ease. What sets her apart is her unwavering enthusiasm for learning, driven by a growth mindset. Always eager to expand her knowledge and skills, she embraces new challenges and seeks out opportunities for personal and professional growth. Beyond her technical proficiency, Iqra's empathetic nature shines through. As a STEM trainer, she not only imparts knowledge but also understands the importance of connecting with and understanding her students. With her patient and compassionate approach, she inspires and empowers others to pursue their own STEM journeys. Iqra's unique blend of technical expertise, continuous learning, empathy, and passion for teaching positions her as a role model and valuable contributor to the world of electrical engineering and STEM education.

Muhammad Abrar-ul-Haq Jillani

Technical Trainer

As a mechatronics engineer with a strong grasp on IoT, robotics, and a background in design, this individual brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to their role. Their proficiency in IoT and robotics allows them to create advanced systems that integrate physical components with smart technology. They have a natural inclination for problem-solving, approaching challenges with a determined and innovative mindset. As a design engineer, they combine their technical knowledge with an eye for aesthetics, crafting visually appealing and functional designs that meet the needs of clients and end-users. With their expertise in mechatronics, their problem-solving prowess, and their talent for design, this individual is a valuable asset in the field of engineering. Their abilit to navigate the intersection of technology, innovation, and design positions them as a versatile and accomplished mechatronics engineer and design specialist.

Hussain Burhanuddin

Technical Trainer

As a mechatronics engineer with a strong grasp on coding and electronics, this individual brings a diverse skill set to their role as a design engineer. Their expertise allows them to seamlessly integrate mechanical, electronic, and software components into innovative solutions. Beyond their technical prowess, their personality traits of being a good listener, calm, and focused are invaluable in their work. Their ability to attentively listen and understand the needs of clients and colleagues enables them to develop tailored designs that meet specific requirements. Their calm demeanor and focused mindset allow them to navigate complex design challenges with clarity and precision. This combination of technical expertise, active listening skills, and a composed approach positions them as a highly effective design engineer who can deliver exceptional results.

Engr. Syed Mohsin Raza Hamdani

Design Engineer

Mohsin, a trained engineer from NUST, is an integral member of the 'Chotay Kaarsaaz - Project' team. With his expertise in developing detailed prototypes for production, Mohsin's contributions are vital to the creation of innovative and engaging products for kids. He also focuses on introducing STEM experiments that align with the school curriculum, making learning a fun and interactive experience. With Mohsin's skills and dedication, the team continues to deliver exciting educational solutions for children.

Kaynaat Arif

Graphic Designer

Meet our exceptional Graphic Designer, the creative visionary responsible for the captivating artistry that graces our endeavors. With an unwavering dedication to aesthetics and a meticulous attention to detail, she infuses vitality into digital realms, crafting remarkable user experiences. A masterful mind that conjures enchanting visuals down to the last pixel. Fueled by an ardor for design and an unwavering pursuit of excellence, she transforms imagination into reality, ensuring our ventures shine uniquely bright.


STEM Trainer

Meet our STEM Trainer, Aamna. Aamna is an Electrical Engineer, Instruction & learning Experience designer with BE Electrical and MS Innovative Technologies in Learning from NUST. She has been leading STEM & Robotics Training since 2018. During her tenure at the Prime Minister Office Pakistan, she has worked on the implementation of Nation-wide Trainings with multiple stakeholders. With her experience as an editor, published poet and curriculum developer, she creates magical content and teaching & learning resources based on but not limited to her knowledge of pedagogy, psychology and learning design. She shares her childhood experiences as a regional debater, International Mathematics contest and national startup competitor to adorn young girls with the grace of carrying both frustration and recognition equally well. She has been researching the causes of low self-esteem in young girls and higher dropout rates among women in Pakistan. She has been recognized by “The Citizens Foundation” for her efforts to educate Pakistan.

Fatima Naseer

Promotional Lead

Introducing the driving force behind our promotional endeavors, our Promotional Lead. In the dynamic world of marketing and promotions, she possesses a unique blend of artistic flair and strategic prowess, crafting promotions that go beyond the ordinary. With a finger on the pulse of industry trends and consumer preferences, she ensures that our brand's promotions are not only engaging but also relevant in today's ever-evolving landscape. From ideation to execution, she is the architect of experiences that leave a lasting impact. She transforms promotions into memorable moments, creating connections that resonate with our audience. Her commitment to excellence and the ability to deliver results makes her an invaluable asset to our team.