Manzil e Maqsood

Manzil e Maqsood

Founder Oxbidge Innovative solutions

Manzil-e-Maqsood, is the founder and CEO…

Manzil-e-Maqsood, is the founder and CEO of Oxbridge Innovative Solutions.  She has an MPhil in Education Research from the University of Cambridge, and has also been affiliated with Oxford University’s Center for Educational Assessment. Manzil joined the academia in 2004 and helped establish R&D centers in collaborations with industry to commercialize innovative ideas in education. She is an Assistant Professor at SEECS-NUST, and is part of the core faculty member of the graduate program titled Masters in Innovative Technologies in Education, which focuses on disrupting the educational landscape of Pakistan through the innovative use of ubiquitous technologies.

Manzil is interested in initiating projects for bottom of pyramid communities for spread of education in a more innovative manner. She is interested in solutions for women empowerment both in education and clean energy sectors, and is currently working with young women from impoverished areas to learn to teach girls in their communities.

She leads a project called ‘Chotay Sciencedan’ initially funded by UK Aid Ilm Ideas Education Innovation Program, and currently by Research Directorate NUST. Chotay Sciencedan is an interactive, gamified, application that aims to deliver and assess grade 5 science concepts in an immersive, constructive environment. To-date this application has been deployed in 5 public schools in low socioeconomic locations of Islamabad.

Manzil has also launched an initiative called Makerspace Islamabad that aims to provide a constructionist, highly immersive, and hands-on environment to young children so as to foster deeper level understanding of STEM based subjects inspired by daily, real life problems. Two summer camps were launched in Summer this year, and schools have started adopting STEM intensive education and working with Manzil to embed it in their curriculum.

Sitwat Atiq

Sitwat Atiq

Communications and Content Analyst

Sitwat Atiq a graduate of NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) is the Content Developer at Oxbridge Innovative Solutions. Her major interests are reading and writing. Her aim is to work in dynamic environment where she can contribute towards organizational success while  enriching  her own skills alongside.

Engr. Muhammad Fahad Nasir

Engr. Muhammad Fahad Nasir

Design Engineer & Product Manager

Fahad graduated ‘cum laude’ from Bahria University in the field of Electrical Engineering. He specialized in Electronics and has expertise in Robotics. Ignite Funded his Final Year Project based on Robotics. Fahad has served as Trainer for Oxbridge Innovative Solutions and has conducted numerous Workshops across Pakistan. He also leads his team of engineers in the design and development of Products for “Chotay Kaarsaaz – Project”

Engr. Syed Mohsin Raza Hamdani

Engr. Syed Mohsin Raza Hamdani

Design Engineer

Mohsin is a trained Engineer from NUST, he with a Team of Engineers works on the ‘Chotay Kaarsaaz – Project’. His specialization is in developing highly detailed prototypes for production. His innovative thinking has resulted in very interesting and fun products for Kids. Mohsin also works on introducing STEM Experiments aligned with the Course Work taught in Schools.

Muhammad Hadi Akhtar

Muhammad Hadi Akhtar

Assisstant Manager

Hadi Malik is from a Mass Communication Background and plays a trivial role in actively promoting the Brand of Oxbridge Innovative Solutions and is directly involved in Social Media Strategy and Marketing. He helps develop the advertisement, social media posts, and Campaign for all services that Oxbridge Launches.

Warda Usman

Warda Usman

Content Developer & Computer Scientist

Warda Usman is a Computer Scientist from PIEAS and has significant experience with STEM Educational Organizations in Pakistan. She serves as Content Developer for STEAM Resource Packs and delievers workshops on Technology and Electronics to Kids. Warda is currently working on “STEM for Girls” and “Arts and Crafts Related” Products for the “Chotay Kaarsaaz – Project”

Our Advisors

Dr. A. H. Nayyar

Dr A H Nayyar is a prominent…

Dr A H Nayyar is a prominent advocate of education policy and reforms. His critical analysis and report on Pakistans Public School curriculum led the government to revise it in 2003. He also played an active role in apprising and co-authoring the National Educational Policy published 2006.

Dr. A. H. Nayyar has served as the Executive Director of Developments in Literacy and as the Director of the Ali Institute of education Lahore. He obtained his Doctorate from Imperial College London and has been a visiting Research Scientist at the Princeton University since 1988. He is presently a faculty member at LUMS.

Dr. Arshad Ali

Prof. Dr Arshad Ali the Executive…

Prof. Dr Arshad Ali the Executive Director at Higher Education Comission (HEC) Pakisan was former Principal, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS).He is a prolific researcher and academicians. He has over 100 publications to his credit in national and international conferences & refereed journals. He has been awarded gold medal by Pakistan Academy of Sciences and COMSTECH for IT research, Presidents’ Gold medal for best NUST researcher of the year 2005 and “Distinguished Scientists of the Year 2006” award by Pakistan Academy of Sciences. So far, over 100 Pakistani scientists have been given these awards. Dr Arshad is also recipient of President’s pride of performance in IT research

Dr. Fakhar Lodhi

Dr Fakhar Lodhi has a keen…

Dr Fakhar Lodhi has a keen interest in improving access to quality education through Information technology and targeted software development. An alumnus of George Washington University, he has been a founding member of some of the leading software houses in Pakistan. Presently he serves as a professor and the Dean at GIFT University Pakistan.

Dr. Qaiser Durrani

Dr. Qaiser Durrani holds renown…

Dr. Qaiser Durrani holds renown as an educationist, scholar and consultant in the field of Computer Science. He was the principal investigator in an adaptive English language program conducted by National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NU-FAST), Islamabad. The goal of the project was to develop a computer-aided language learning system for imparting English language skills to the students of class IX.

Dr Qaiser is one of the pioneers of National University Lahore and hold a doctorate from George Washington University USA. He is presently the Rector of GIFT University.

Dr. Ghulam A. Farrukh

Dr Ghulam A. Furrukh…

Dr Ghulam A. Furrukh is a visiting faculty at the university of agriculture Faisalabad and the virtual university, He has worked extensively in information and communication technology services.

Dr. Farid Malik

Dr Farid Malik is the…

Dr Farid Malik is the former chairman of the Pakistan Science Foundation. He is also a recognized spokesperson on science and technology for over 30 years now.

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