Open Education Resources for Teachers

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that are freely availableonline for everyone to use, whether an instructor, student or self-learner. OER is in demand around the world as it provides free access to digitalized content which can be used for teachingand learning purposes.

OERs provides learning content such as full courses, learning modules, textbooks, videos,assessments and software tools to support the development and delivery of the content. However they are rarely being used at primary and secondary levels due to the fact that they are not developed according to the National Curriculum of Pakistan.

This project aims at providing primary school science teachers with latest localized educational and pedagogical content which help them in making the learning process easy in the classroom. Teachers are evaluated through online assessments, and their progress is shared with the schools and the local directorate of education to which the schools belong. It is a transparent platform to ensure accountability and efficiency of the educational institutes.

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