Solar Home is the Newest Edition to our Economy Products for our little Makers. A combination of crafting a House and using basic knowledge about Solar Panels to design a House that operates on Solar Energy. Kids get to work with an real Solar Panel and get to see firsthand how it operates and how it can be used to turn on LEDs. The Solar Panel on top of the House will turn on the LEDs inside the miniature Home. This kit is aimed at promoting concept of Renewable Energy among th youth of Pakistan. How simple and Effective Solar Energy can be.

A simple activity and no prior experience is needed. You can build them yourself. You will learn about basic circuits, general electronic components, Solar Panels and real-life usage of Engineering to counter Real Life Problems.

What’s Inside:

  • A 3D Printer Crafted – House Structure
  • A Solar Panel Circuitary – (Solar Panel, Wires, LEDs, etc.)
  • A QR Code – Scan it to Get Access to Video Tutorial of the Kit.

For ages: 7+ years


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