Co-Founder and CEO

Meet Manzil, a remarkable individual who believes in the power of knowledge and innovation. She is an esteemed alumna of the prestigious University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford in the UK, and the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU) in Pakistan. Her academic journey has equipped her with expertise in various domains including education research, assessment (with a specialization in formative assessment), educational technologies, project management, and teaching. Through her remarkable accomplishments and unwavering dedication, Manzil has revolutionized the educational landscape. By making learning fun, relevant, and applicable to real-world situations, she inspires students to become lifelong learners and paves the way for a future generation of innovators and problem solvers.

Talha Javed

Director and Co-Founder

Talha is an esteemed alumnus of the University of Cambridge, boasting over 20 years of senior management experience. He specializes in the clean energy and climate change sectors, as well as the ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development) domain. With 12 years of C-level experience, Talha brings a wealth of expertise to his roles. Through his exemplary career achievements and strong leadership skills, Talha continues to drive impactful change in the realms of clean energy, climate change, and ICT4D.

Our Team

Sitwat Atiq

Communications and Content Analyst

Sitwat Atiq, a graduate of the NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS), is a valuable member of the Oxbridge Innovative Solutions team as a Content Developer. She possesses a deep passion for reading and writing, which drives her commitment to her role. Sitwat's aspiration is to thrive in a dynamic environment where she can make meaningful contributions to organizational success while continuously enhancing her own skills. Her dedication and enthusiasm enable her to play an integral part in the growth and development of the company.

Engr. Muhammad Fahad Nasir

Design Engineer & Product Manager

Fahad graduated with honors, cum laude, from Bahria University with a degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Electronics. His passion for the field led him to develop expertise in Robotics. Notably, his Final Year Project on Robotics received funding from Ignite. Fahad's journey with Oxbridge Innovative Solutions began as a Trainer, where he conducted numerous workshops across Pakistan. His role expanded as he now leads a team of engineers in the design and development of products for the "Chotay Kaarsaaz - Project." With his technical prowess and leadership skills, Fahad contributes significantly to the innovation and success of the team. His dedication and commitment to the field of robotics continue to drive his professional growth.

Engr. Syed Mohsin Raza Hamdani

Design Engineer

Mohsin, a trained engineer from NUST, is an integral member of the 'Chotay Kaarsaaz - Project' team. With his expertise in developing detailed prototypes for production, Mohsin's contributions are vital to the creation of innovative and engaging products for kids. He also focuses on introducing STEM experiments that align with the school curriculum, making learning a fun and interactive experience. With Mohsin's skills and dedication, the team continues to deliver exciting educational solutions for children.

Muhammad Hadi Akhtar

Assisstant Manager

Hadi Malik, with a background in Mass Communication, plays a vital role in promoting the brand of Oxbridge Innovative Solutions. He is directly involved in crafting the social media strategy and marketing efforts. Hadi contributes to the development of advertisements, social media posts, and campaigns for all the services launched by Oxbridge. His expertise in this area ensures effective communication and engagement with the audience.

Warda Usman

Content Developer & Computer Scientist

Warda Usman, a computer scientist from PIEAS, brings extensive experience working with STEM educational organizations in Pakistan. Her role as a Content Developer focuses on creating STEAM resource packs and conducting workshops on technology and electronics for children. Warda is currently involved in developing products for the "Chotay Kaarsaaz - Project," specifically targeting STEM education for girls and arts and crafts-related activities. Her dedication to empowering children through hands-on learning is a valuable asset to the team.