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In order to necessitate educational innovation, there are two important factors.: (i) access to quality assured instructional content, and (ii) the methodology for using this content.

In Pakistan teaching methodology is not consistent across the country especially among schools in remote and far flung areas where instructors are scarce and their qualification and capacity to teach are questionable, Open Education Resources (OERs) that are aligned with the National Curriculum will help them in preparing and delivering their lessons more effectively and boost their professional development.

The OER are available on an online portal with readily available content, activities and assessment’s.
By making use of this high quality OERs, teachers can be equipped with the knowledge to employ the right kind of pedagogy for instruction in different subjects, and subsequently make a lifelong impact in the country.
These resources are hosted on a website and predominantly consist of sample assessments, learning outcome and assistive multimedia videos for each topic.

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