Makers day features inspirational ladies of Pakistan

Aug 29, 2016News

Makers Day – 1 features Nigar Nazar
Makers Day featured an interactive session led by Pakistan’s first lady Cartoonist Nigar Nazar – CEO of Gogi studios. Gogi Studios prepare concepts for innovative and creative projects via the use of cartoons, comic art and various other media. Miss Nigar Nazar emphasized on how Cartoons have the power to  grasp the attention of children and thus can be used as an effective learning tool. She conducted different interesting activities and induced the idea of cartooning and story making among the campers.

Makers Day – 2 features Nadin Murtaza
Nadine Murtaza has been a teacher and curriculum developer for Headstart School for the last 8 years, since graduating from Bryn Mawr College in 2006. She is the Head of School at NJ’s House, which is Headstart’s new International Baccalaureate Program, offering a program of play-based study from pre-Nursery to grade 5.
Nadine along with her husband, Hassan Noon, the co-founder of Dhere Bolo, a 21st century children’s publishing house, which is currently part of the third invest2innovate accelerator class of 2014.
This time the Camp  featured Nadine Murtaza. She concluded the session by giving it a tinge of music mentioning different things around us like solar system, various inventions their importance and their inventors etc.