Chotay Sciencedan

Aug 10, 2016Events, News

Chotay sciencedan

This project is being commercialized in partnership with NUST Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). Its development was initially funded by UK AID Ilm Ideas program and later by NUST Research Directorate. Grade 5 curriculum will be completed in Dec 2017, and piloted in various schools by Jan 2017, after which the product will be taken to various schools for adoption by Oxbridge Innovative Solutions.

Chotay Sciencedan is an interactive learning and assessment application developed for 10-12 year olds by digitizing the grade 5 science content and transforming it into an interactive hands on learning experience for pupils enrolled in public schools in the marginalized areas of Pakistan. The objective of this program was to develop a pedagogically sound and enriched content marked by interactive game based activities, embedded assessments and animated characters to foster interest in a subject that is otherwise regarded dull by most students due to fallacies in the learning system. It was also intended to promote and increase retention of students in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) by generating interest in science. Through this application student centered design and constructive knowledge have been introduced in learning environments. Assessments have been embedded with instructions so that what is taught is evaluated in runtime using formative assessment methods and immediate diagnostic feedback is provided to the students based on their responses.